Since my graduation from both the Academy of Photography and the Netherlands Film Academy some 20 years ago, I’ve been working as a cinematographer and director on TV commercials, music videos and award-winning narrative films in Holland, Belgium and the US.

Photo by: Suzanne Karsters.


Projects that I've worked on won numerous (international) awards. To name a few:

  • Dutch Design Prize for best Brand Experience
  • ADCN (art directors club netherlands) award for best TV commercial
  • Dutch Academy Award for best TV series
  • International Emmy Award for best TV series
  • Silver rose at Rose D’or festival for best TV series
  • Canal d’Or at the Venice Intl. TV Festival for best TV series
  • Dutch Academy Award for best TV series
  • Golden Calf, Netherlands Film Festival for best feature film (nomintaion)
  • Best Short film at the Flanders International Film Festival
  • HBO Award for Best Women's Short at the One in Ten Film Festival in Washington DC
  • Best Shorfilmt at the Portland LGBT Film Festival.
  • Best film at Lesgaicinemad (Madrid)
  • The Festival Award for Best Foreign Film at The Fire Island Film Festival
  • First prize at Performing Arts International Film Festival, Bilboa, Spain